Our company was founded in 1960 under the name Başar Ticaret Refik Tarakçı, and has been trading starch and starch derivatives since then. In 1982 the name was changed to Başar Commerce and Food Industry Company.

The principles of our company are: dynamism in production, customer relations built on trust and customer satisfaction. With its qualified staff and motto of environmentally friendly production, our firm intends to operate in the field for a long time.


Quality & Food & Environment Security Policy

Our firm, producing starch and starchy products, takes care about listed principle below:

    • Producing our products in promised deadline period with highest level of technology and the conscious and experience in our sector.
    • Taking customer satisfaction as a priority.
    • Implementation of legal issues with no tolerance.
    • Continuously trying to be better.
    • Taking into consideration our employees’ decisions for their participation to our projects.
    • Being aware of that our customers confidence on us is the most important issue and reinforcing their trust on our firm.
    • Not taking risk in our employees’ work security and health by giving them necessary training and instruction.
    • Developing a precaution culture and avoidance from possible danger and risks in our business.
    • Recycling the waste of our goods, reducing natural resource usage, taking precaution to prevent possible air and environment pollution.
    • To improve our business without any tolerance from our standards in quality, food and environment management system.
    • Being respectful to environment and human being and taking customers as our benefactors.