Dextrin Glue – Paper Tube Adhesive


GOMA Paper Tube Adhesive is a special product which consist starch and also it passed on chemical process.

Adhesive for Paper Tube Manufacturing Qualities

Scentless, the product can decompose in water and it’s like powder.

Humidity:  max% 11

pH: max 11

Appearance: Yellow Powder

Goma Paper Tube Adhesive and the highest proportion of dry material provides adhesion fastly on paper. It increase the performance while decreasing the cost.

Used Places

The product is a durable adhesive which is preferred by vary industrial areas.


The Paper Tube Adhesive offered for sale with paper bag of valve by 30 kg. The product must restrain with average air conditions and without the sunlight also it must not effected by the water.

Our Company can help you for all your technical problems about the product.

Preparation of Dextrin Glue – Paper Tube Adhesive